nVision can help you align your XaaS portfolio to market needs and customer requirements, delivers strategic differentiation and sustainable competitive advantages for your firm.  Through nVision Creative Group  we can accelerate your time-to-market when launching new XaaS or managed services offerings.


Whether seeking to launch a new product or service or optimize your existing portfolio, nVision delivers value every step of the way. nVision XaaS and Managed Services Co-Creation Framework begins with an evaluation of your current portfolio within the context of your longer-term strategy and vision. Utilizing market and buyer insights, we take an end-customer-in approach to ensure your portfolio will meet the demands of your customers and accelerates your time to market. This accentuates your competitive advantages and mitigates risks when launching new products and services.


Whether you are launching new services or targeting new markets, nVision Creative Group, our digital marketing agency, offers Launch Acceleration Kits to help you accelerate your launch and nurture demand throughout the lifecycle.  Click here to find out more


  • Our Portfolio Management services include:
  •  Customer Analysis and Segmentation

  •  Competitive Analysis

  •  Portfolio Envisioning

  •  Product / Service Creation

  • Unique Value Proposition Development

  • Portfolio Financial Modeling

  • Business Case Development

  •  Marketing Asset Creation

  • New Product / Service Introduction

  •  Go-to-Market Planning

  •  Sales Enablement

  •  Launch Acceleration Kits

  •  Lead Generation

  •  Launch Collateral

  •  Co-Creation Services

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